Oracle Hyperion Planning in the Cloud

We are offering a limited number of Free Test Drives of Hyperion Planning in the Cloud.

It guides you through a basic but complete cycle of entering:

Why Hyperion Planning & Essbase in the Cloud?

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Cost of Ownership

More than a cliche - with no/low capital outlay, pay-as-you-go options, the cloud provides an easy way to reduce your Hyperion infrastructure costs.


The cloud offers excellent security with certifications, physical security, and many levels of system security, including private VPN or even direct connections from your data center to the cloud.


We provide a 64-bit elastic platform that scales up during peak loads and can scale down during Planning lulls. Make 50-100 personnel in your finance department more productive

No Infrastructure Delays

We can create sandboxes and just-in-time infrastucture to meet quick changes in planning requirements. Easily test new versions, patches, and applications without maintaining extra hardware

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Oracle Hyperion Planning & Essbase in the Cloud
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Workforce Plans

Revenue Plans

Operating Expense Plans

Generating Income Statements

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